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If you're looking for a career that offers personal growth, job satisfaction, and the chance to change lives, become a swim teacher with Swim Central! With competitive salary benefits and a supportive environment that champions both personal and professional growth, we offer more than just a swimming job.

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salary above the national average, plus huge Incentives!

While you work hard to save lives, improve peoples health, and make water fun, we’re busy making sure your dedication doesn't go unnoticed. 

Free Training

We'll provide you with all of the training you'll need to get started in your swimming career. You don't need any prior experience, just a serious passion for swimming and teaching! 

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Complete qualifications

You'll get qualifications in ASA Level 1 & 2, and STA Level 1 & 2. That's everything you need to become a proficient and experienced swim instructor!

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Earn As You Train

After completing Level 1, get started working with us, build your experience, and receive a salary. Once you've completed Level 2, we'll increase your salary and hours!

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Join Our Community

We strive to provide a welcoming, fun environment for our swim teachers. Don't just take our word for it - read what our teachers have to say!

  • I myself was an ok-ish swimmer so decided to join the Adults Beginner class. Its been great. The instructors spend time with each person in the class individually so I could learn at my own pace. After ~ 2 months of once-weekly lessons I’ve graduated 🙂 Becca and Zara in particular have been great in helping me improve, giving me insightful feedback and meaningful instructions. I now do lane swimming a couple of times a week to get the practice in. I’ve never found the sessions too busy, either morning or evening.

  • I took swimming classes here. The staff is very friendly especially my swim instructor Laura. She is an amazing teacher. She taught me butterfly, back stroke, gliding front and back. She is really a pro at teaching swimming to adults. Shower stalls are always clean and hot water available. Highly recommended.

  • 660,000 Children Are At Risk. Help Save Lives By Teaching.

    We’re driven by the belief that everyone has the right to learn to swim. Half of 11-year-olds in the UK can’t swim 25 metres. That’s 660,000 children at risk, children who may never learn a potentially life-saving skill.

    By becoming a swimming instructor, your guidance and expertise can transform lives, providing both children and adults with the confidence and capability to stay safe in and around water.

    A swimming career is your opportunity to inspire, to empower, and to make a real difference in people’s lives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me more about the free dental care plan and health insurance benefits?

    Starting in your third year of teaching with us, you become eligible for our free dental care plan. This benefit is designed to ensure that you have access to the best dental care without the worry of out-of-pocket expenses, covering everything from routine check-ups to necessary dental treatments.

    From your fourth year onwards, we enhance our commitment to your health by providing health insurance for you and your immediate family. This health insurance plan is comprehensive, offering peace of mind by covering a range of medical services and treatments. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your dedication and hard work, ensuring that you and your family are supported in maintaining your health.

  • Are there opportunities to teach different types of swimming classes?

    At present, our focus is on providing comprehensive swimming lessons that cater to a variety of skill levels, from beginners to more advanced swimmers. However, we’re excited about the expansion of our class offerings to include aquatic classes at both intensive and fun levels in the near future. These new classes will offer a broader range of teaching experiences and opportunities for our instructors. If you’re interested in diversifying your teaching portfolio and being part of this exciting expansion, we encourage you to let us know. We will provide the necessary training and support to prepare you for these new opportunities as they become available.

  • What size classes will I be expected to teach?

    Class sizes at our centre vary based on the age group and skill level of the students, but they are always maintained below the national average. Our priority is to create a learning environment where each student receives the attention they need to progress. Before you start teaching a class on your own, we’ll make sure you’re fully comfortable and confident in your ability to manage the class size assigned to you. This approach ensures that both you and your students have a positive and productive experience.

  • How does the yearly salary increase work?

    Our instructors receive an automatic yearly salary increase for the first five years, reflecting our commitment to your ongoing development and the value you bring to our team. As part of our full-time staff working 48 hours a week, split between teaching swimming and acting as a leisure attendant, we ensure that your hard work and dedication are rewarded. Additionally, we conduct a performance evaluation annually. This process helps us align our goals, discuss your career aspirations, and identify opportunities for your future development and growth within our centre.

  • What qualifications do I need to become a swimming instructor?

    To join our team as a swimming instructor, you’ll need to hold both ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Level 1 & 2 and STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association) Level 1 & 2 qualifications. The ASA qualifications focus on developing your skills to teach swimming effectively, covering everything from understanding swimming strokes to communicating with pupils. The STA qualifications complement this with a strong emphasis on planning and delivering lessons, safety, and dealing with a wide range of abilities. Together, these certifications prepare you to provide high-quality swimming instruction and ensure the safety and progress of your students.