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It's never too late to learn to swim or enhance your swimming skills. Whether you're a complete beginner looking to conquer your fears, or an experienced swimmer aiming to refine your technique, our expert instructors are here to help.

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Exclusive Comforts

Post-swim, you can enjoy our luxury amenities like private showers, underfloor heating, and complimentary Dyson hairdryers – because little details make big differences.

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Flexible and Convenient

We understand that your schedule is as unique as your swimming goals. That's why we offer unparalleled flexibility in our swimming class schedules and our facility is easily accessible and boasts ample parking.

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Small Class Sizes

Our classes are limited to just six people, half the national standard! This means more tailored instruction, better progress tracking, and a more enjoyable learning experience for you.

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adult beginner swimming lessons

Our adult beginner swimming lessons are designed for those new to swimming or with very limited experience It typically focuses on several key areas to build comfort, confidence, and basic skills in the water.


breath control and submersion

Teaching beginners how to hold their breath, blow bubbles, and gradually get their face wet, eventually leading to full head submersion.


Floating and Gliding

Instructors focus on teaching front and back floats, along with gliding through the water. This helps learners understand buoyancy and body positioning in the water.

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basic strokes

Introduction to fundamental swimming strokes, usually starting with elementary forms of freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke. The focus is on basic arm and leg movements and coordinating these with breath control.


building confidence

A significant part of beginner lessons is about building confidence in the water, encouraging learners to try new skills, and gradually increasing the challenge as they become more comfortable.


safety skils

Basic water safety skills, like treading water and understanding how to react if they find themselves in an unexpected water situation, are integral parts of beginner lessons.

adult improver swimming lessons

Our improver swimming sessions are specifically designed to take your swimming to the next level. Focused on developing proficiency in front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke, our goal is to guide swimmers towards confidently completing 10m swims in these strokes.

front crawl

Our instructors will help you refine your front crawl technique, focusing on arm movement efficiency, breathing rhythm, and streamlined body positioning.


Learn the nuances of backstroke, from proper arm strokes to effective kicking patterns, ensuring a smooth and balanced swim.


We pay special attention to the unique timing and coordination of breaststroke, teaching you how to glide and pull effectively.

A woman swimming under water

Each session is crafted to build on your existing skills, with the end goal of achieving a 10m swim in each stroke. Our experienced instructors provide personalised guidance and feedback, ensuring that you develop these core strokes with proper technique and confidence.

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Our Happy Swimmers

At Swim Central, we're committed to providing a best in class experience for our learners and casual swimmers alike.

  • I myself was an ok-ish swimmer so decided to join the Adults Beginner class. Its been great. The instructors spend time with each person in the class individually so I could learn at my own pace. After ~ 2 months of once-weekly lessons I’ve graduated 🙂 Becca and Zara in particular have been great in helping me improve, giving me insightful feedback and meaningful instructions. I now do lane swimming a couple of times a week to get the practice in. I’ve never found the sessions too busy, either morning or evening.

  • I took swimming classes here. The staff is very friendly especially my swim instructor Laura. She is an amazing teacher. She taught me butterfly, back stroke, gliding front and back. She is really a pro at teaching swimming to adults. Shower stalls are always clean and hot water available. Highly recommended.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our sessions are competitively priced at only £55 per month. We keep our class sizes to a minimum to ensure you can get the attention you need.

    Payments are set up by direct debit for your convenience to ensure you get uninterrupted support for your swimming.

    Dedicated one to one swimming lessons for adults

    Our one to one adults swimming lessons offer a tailored, individual experience for adult learners of all levels. Focused on providing personal attention, these lessons are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each swimmer. Whether you’re beginning your swimming journey, seeking to enhance your technique, or pursuing specific swimming goals, our expert instructors deliver one-on-one guidance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age can children attend family swimming without an adult?

    Children must be over the age of 12 and be able to swim independently to attend family swimming without an adult. There must be 1 adult to every 2 non-swimmers or children under 12.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes, we have a free car park on Fulwood Central, it gives you 2.5hrs but if you need longer just leave your registration plate number with reception!

  • What is the temperature of the pool?

    We keep the pool heated at 31 degrees.

  • Can I take pictures?

    Unfortunately not, due to sharing classes with other babies we ask for no photography or videos.

  • swimming lesson vouchers

    Our adult swimming lesson vouchers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it's for a friend about to embark on a beach holiday, a loved one exploring a new hobby, or simply as a unique gift, our vouchers are ideal for those looking to learn or improve their swimming.

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