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  • Can I take pictures?

    Unfortunately not, due to sharing classes with other babies we ask for no photography or videos.

  • What happens if classes are cancelled?

    In the rare event that Swim Central needs to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., pool maintenance, instructor illness), we will notify you as soon as possible via email or phone. You will have the option to reschedule your lesson for another time or receive a credit towards a future lesson. We understand the importance of consistency in learning to swim and strive to minimise any disruptions to your schedule.

  • How do I pay for lessons?

    Payment for all swimming lessons at Swim Central is conveniently handled through a monthly direct debit system. You can easily set up your direct debit payment securely through our website when you register for your chosen class and time slot. The monthly fee covers your weekly 30-minute lesson, ensuring a hassle-free experience so you can focus on enjoying your time in the water.

  • How can I cancel my lessons?

    We understand that circumstances can change. If you need to cancel your swim lessons, we require notice of one full payment cycle. This ensures that we can adjust our class schedules and offer your spot to someone on our waiting list.

    E.G: Your billing date is the 1st of the month. If you cancel on March 28th, your lessons will continue until the end of March. Your final payment will be taken on April 1st, and your cancellation will be effective from May 1st onwards.

  • What if the class I want to book is full?

    Our online booking system will show how many spaces are available for each of our classes. You can add your details to the waiting list, and this will notify you by email when a space comes available.

  • Do you teach children with a disability?

    Yes, our teachers are trained to work with children with disabilities, however we don’t currently offer disability specific sessions. Our booking system offers you the opportunity to tell us about your child in more detail and how we can support them as best we can during lessons.

  • What is the temperature of the pool?

    We keep the pool heated at 31 degrees.

  • Is there parking?

    Yes, we have a free car park on Fulwood Central, it gives you 2.5hrs but if you need longer just leave your registration plate number with reception!

  • What can I expect on my baby’s first lesson?

    The first lesson is a gentle introduction to the water for both you and your baby, we will show how to safely enter and exit the pool together, and demonstrate a variety of holds to gain confidence and bond with baby. Many of our activities are done as a group so you can watch and learn from each other!

  • Does the parent need to know how to swim?

    No, our teachers are in the water to support you and your baby but please do keep in mind that the pool is 1.3m deep.

  • Will my child be given buoyancies like a life jacket?

    For babies and toddlers participating in our swim lessons, we do not use buoyancy aids such as life jackets or armbands. While these devices may seem helpful, they can actually restrict your child’s natural movement in the water, hindering their ability to develop essential swimming skills and water confidence.

    Our approach focuses on teaching babies and toddlers to move freely and explore their buoyancy through direct interaction with the water. This method promotes a stronger understanding of body position and balance, leading to safer and more effective swimming skills in the long run.

    Rest assured, your child’s safety is our top priority. Our experienced instructors are trained in infant and toddler water safety and maintain constant vigilance throughout the lesson to ensure your child’s well-being. Parents or guardians accompany their little ones in the pool, providing an additional layer of support and security. We also maintain small class sizes to ensure individual attention and supervision for every child.

  • What age can my baby start?

    Babies can start from 6 weeks, but we suggest getting the all clear from the Doctor first for both mum and baby.

  • Can I bring two siblings to one lesson?

    Unfortunately not, babies require full support from their adult and so we ask if you have siblings to either bring another adult or to join a second class.

  • What is a double nappy policy?

    We ask all babies to have two layers, this is a disposable nappy under a neoprene nappy. We sell these at reception!

  • How many babies are in a class?

    There are up to 8 babies in the class with one parent/guardian each.

  • Can I take pictures?

    Unfortunately not, due to sharing classes with other babies we ask for no photography or videos.

  • Does my child need to be assessed or can I book onto a lesson straight away?

    Your child does not need a formal assessment before booking a lesson. You can use our Swim Stage Checker tool on the website to get an idea of which stage would be most suitable for your child. However, if you’re unsure, feel free to book them into a class, and our experienced instructors will assess their ability during the first lesson. We can then easily move your child to a more appropriate class if needed.

  • What qualifications do I need to become a swimming instructor?

    To join our team as a swimming instructor, you’ll need to hold both ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Level 1 & 2 and STA (Swimming Teachers’ Association) Level 1 & 2 qualifications. The ASA qualifications focus on developing your skills to teach swimming effectively, covering everything from understanding swimming strokes to communicating with pupils. The STA qualifications complement this with a strong emphasis on planning and delivering lessons, safety, and dealing with a wide range of abilities. Together, these certifications prepare you to provide high-quality swimming instruction and ensure the safety and progress of your students.

  • How does the yearly salary increase work?

    Our instructors receive an automatic yearly salary increase for the first five years, reflecting our commitment to your ongoing development and the value you bring to our team. As part of our full-time staff working 48 hours a week, split between teaching swimming and acting as a leisure attendant, we ensure that your hard work and dedication are rewarded. Additionally, we conduct a performance evaluation annually. This process helps us align our goals, discuss your career aspirations, and identify opportunities for your future development and growth within our centre.

  • What size classes will I be expected to teach?

    Class sizes at our centre vary based on the age group and skill level of the students, but they are always maintained below the national average. Our priority is to create a learning environment where each student receives the attention they need to progress. Before you start teaching a class on your own, we’ll make sure you’re fully comfortable and confident in your ability to manage the class size assigned to you. This approach ensures that both you and your students have a positive and productive experience.

  • Are there opportunities to teach different types of swimming classes?

    At present, our focus is on providing comprehensive swimming lessons that cater to a variety of skill levels, from beginners to more advanced swimmers. However, we’re excited about the expansion of our class offerings to include aquatic classes at both intensive and fun levels in the near future. These new classes will offer a broader range of teaching experiences and opportunities for our instructors. If you’re interested in diversifying your teaching portfolio and being part of this exciting expansion, we encourage you to let us know. We will provide the necessary training and support to prepare you for these new opportunities as they become available.

  • Can you tell me more about the free dental care plan and health insurance benefits?

    Starting in your third year of teaching with us, you become eligible for our free dental care plan. This benefit is designed to ensure that you have access to the best dental care without the worry of out-of-pocket expenses, covering everything from routine check-ups to necessary dental treatments.

    From your fourth year onwards, we enhance our commitment to your health by providing health insurance for you and your immediate family. This health insurance plan is comprehensive, offering peace of mind by covering a range of medical services and treatments. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your dedication and hard work, ensuring that you and your family are supported in maintaining your health.

  • What age can children attend family swimming without an adult?

    Children must be over the age of 12 and be able to swim independently to attend family swimming without an adult. There must be 1 adult to every 2 non-swimmers or children under 12.

  • What is the minimum age to start swim lessons?

    We offer lessons for adults of all ages and abilities

    • Babies (6 months and up): Our baby swim lessons focus on water acclimation, basic safety skills, and bonding with parents in a gentle and playful environment.
    • Children: Our children’s lessons follow a structured Learn to Swim program that teaches essential water safety skills, stroke development, and builds confidence in the water.
    • Adults: We offer adult lessons for all levels, from beginners who have never been in the water before to experienced swimmers looking to refine their technique or learn new strokes.
  • What should I bring to my lesson?

    To make the most of your swim lesson at Swim Central, we recommend bringing a swimsuit, a large towel, goggles if required, your preferred shower supplies, and a change of clothes. We have hair dryers available in the changing rooms for use free of charge and secure lockers.

    Babies and toddlers will also need a swim diaper (reusable or disposable).

    Swim Central will provide any equipment such as floats and armbands during the lesson and we have a small store for customers to purchase any additional items they require at the front desk.

  • How long is each swimming lesson?

    Each swimming lesson at Swim Central is 30 minutes long. This intensive session allows for focused attention from our instructors and ample time for you to practice and refine your skills. Lessons are held weekly at the same time each week during your chosen time slot, making it easy to incorporate swimming into your routine. The cost for our weekly 30-minute lessons is £55 per month.

  • Is there a viewing facility for use during the lesson?

    Yes, we have a comfortable viewing gallery where parents, family, and friends can relax and watch their loved ones learn and progress in the water. Younger siblings can also attend but they must be accompanied by an adult if under 12 years old.

  • Who can come with the baby in the pool?

    For our baby swim lessons, we require one parent or guardian to accompany the baby in the water. This provides a comfortable and secure experience for the baby while allowing the parent to actively participate in the lesson and bond with their little one.

    For preschool lessons (ages 3-4), children participate in the pool without a parent or guardian. Our experienced instructors are trained to work with young children and ensure their safety and comfort in the water. Parents and guardians are welcome to observe the lesson from our comfortable viewing gallery.

  • What if my baby or toddler is afraid during the swim lessons?

    We understand that not every baby or toddler will immediately fall in love with the water. Some may need a little more time to adjust to this new environment. Our instructors are experienced in working with children of all comfort levels, and we’re here to support both you and your little one throughout the learning process.

    It’s important to remember that every child is different, and some may take longer to warm up to swimming than others. We encourage you to be patient and give your child time to adjust. Our instructors will use gentle techniques and adapt the lesson as needed to help your little one feel safe and secure.

    We’ve found that consistency is key. While it might be tempting to cancel a lesson if your child is hesitant, it’s often better to continue attending. This allows your child to become more familiar with the water and our instructors, gradually building their confidence and comfort level.

    Our instructors are skilled at creating a positive and playful atmosphere to help babies and toddlers feel at ease. We use songs, games, and gentle movements to make the experience enjoyable and engaging. We also encourage parents or guardians to actively participate in the lesson, providing comfort and reassurance to their child.

    If you have any concerns about your child’s experience, please don’t hesitate to talk to our instructors. We’re always happy to discuss your child’s individual needs and adjust our approach to ensure a positive and successful learning journey.

  • Does my baby need to have injections before I take him/her swimming?

    No, your baby does not need to have any injections before taking swim lessons at Swim Central. We follow the guidelines set by the UK National Health Service (NHS), which state that babies can go swimming at any age, both before and after vaccinations.

    There is no increased risk of infection or adverse reactions to vaccines from swimming. If your baby experiences any mild side effects from vaccinations, such as a low-grade fever or fussiness, you can still bring them to their swim lesson, as long as they are feeling well enough.

    If you have any concerns about your baby’s health or vaccinations, please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider.

  • What should I do if my child is ill and misses a swimming lesson?

    We understand that children can sometimes fall ill unexpectedly. If your child is unwell and needs to miss a swimming lesson, please inform us as soon as possible via phone or email. While we do not offer make-up lessons for missed classes, we appreciate you letting us know so we can plan accordingly.

    If your child is unwell with a contagious illness, we kindly ask that you keep them home to avoid spreading it to other swimmers.

  • What makes women-only swimming lessons different from mixed classes?

    Our women-only swimming lessons at Swim Central offer the same high-quality instruction and curriculum as our mixed classes. The key difference is the environment itself. Our women-only classes are taught by female instructors and lifeguarded by female staff, creating a more comfortable and private setting for some women. This allows them to focus solely on learning and improving their swimming skills without any distractions or concerns about mixed-gender environments.

  • Can women of all ages and swimming abilities join these lessons?

    Absolutely! Our women-only swim lessons at Swim Central are designed to welcome women of all ages and swimming abilities. Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never been in a pool before or an experienced swimmer looking to refine your technique, we have a class that’s right for you.

    Our instructors are skilled at tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs of each participant, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and supported in the water.

  • What privacy measures are in place for women-only swimming classes?

    At Swim Central, we prioritise the privacy and comfort of our participants in women-only swimming classes. Here are the measures we have in place:

    • Female instructors and lifeguards: All staff supervising and teaching the lessons are also female.
    • No male activities or sessions: We do not schedule any male activities, like lane swims or classes, at the same time as the women-only lessons.
    • No Photography/Filming: We strictly prohibit photography or filming during women-only classes to ensure everyone feels comfortable and secure.
  • What is the average class size for general adult swimming lessons?

    Our general adult swimming lessons typically have a maximum of 8 participants per class. This allows our instructors to provide personalised attention and ensure that each swimmer receives the guidance and support they need to progress.

  • Can adults with some swimming experience join these lessons to improve?

    Absolutely! Our adult swimming lessons are designed to cater to all levels, including adults with some swimming experience who are looking to enhance their skills. Whether you want to improve your stroke technique, learn new strokes, increase your endurance, or simply become more comfortable in the water, our lessons are a great way to achieve your goals.

    Our experienced instructors will assess your current ability and create a personalised plan to help you progress. We offer a variety of classes, including beginner and improver, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • How are the lessons structured for adults learning to swim?

    Here’s a general outline of how our lessons are structured:

    1. Assessment: We begin with a brief assessment to determine your current skill level and identify any specific areas you’d like to focus on.
    2. Water Acclimation and Safety: For beginners, we focus on building water confidence and teaching essential water safety skills, such as floating, treading water, and basic rescue techniques.
    3. Stroke Development: We introduce and practice different strokes, starting with the basics like freestyle and backstroke, and progressing to more advanced strokes like breaststroke and butterfly.
    4. Technique Refinement: For those with some experience, we focus on refining your stroke technique, improving efficiency, and building endurance.
  • How much does a swimming lesson cost?

    Our swimming lessons are priced at just £55 per month, which includes one 30-minute lesson per week at the same time each week during your chosen time slot.

    We also offer private lessons for £99 per 30-minute session if you prefer individual attention or have specific goals.

  • What is the depth of the swimming pool?

    The pool measures 20m by 7m and has a constant depth of 1.3m.