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  • Can I take pictures?

    Unfortunately not, due to sharing classes with other babies we ask for no photography or videos.

  • How many babies are in a class?

    There are up to 8 babies in the class with their parent/guardian along with the instructor.

  • What is a double nappy policy?

    We ask all babies to have two layers, this is a disposable nappy under a neoprene nappy. We sell these at reception!

  • Can I bring two siblings to one lesson?

    Unfortunately not, babies require full support from their adult and so we ask if you have siblings to either bring another adult or to join a second class.

  • What age can my baby start?

    Babies can start from 6 weeks, but we suggest getting the all clear from the Doctor first for both mum and baby.

  • Will my child be given buoyancies like a life jacket?

    No, as these restrict the movements of the child in the water. This is why the parent and teacher will be there to provide support.

  • Does the parent need to know how to swim?

    No, our teachers are in the water to support you and your baby but please do keep in mind that the pool is 1.3m deep.

  • What can I expect on my baby’s first lesson?

    The first lesson is a gentle introduction to the water for both you and your baby, we will show how to safely enter and exit the pool together, demonstrate a variety of holds to gain confidence and bond with baby. Many of our activities are done as a group so you can watch and learn from each other!