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  • What makes women-only swimming lessons different from mixed classes?

    Our women-only swimming lessons at Swim Central offer the same high-quality instruction and curriculum as our mixed classes. The key difference is the environment itself. Our women-only classes are taught by female instructors and lifeguarded by female staff, creating a more comfortable and private setting for some women. This allows them to focus solely on learning and improving their swimming skills without any distractions or concerns about mixed-gender environments.

  • Can women of all ages and swimming abilities join these lessons?

    Absolutely! Our women-only swim lessons at Swim Central are designed to welcome women of all ages and swimming abilities. Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never been in a pool before or an experienced swimmer looking to refine your technique, we have a class that’s right for you.

    Our instructors are skilled at tailoring instruction to meet the individual needs of each participant, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and supported in the water.

  • What privacy measures are in place for women-only swimming classes?

    At Swim Central, we prioritise the privacy and comfort of our participants in women-only swimming classes. Here are the measures we have in place:

    • Female instructors and lifeguards: All staff supervising and teaching the lessons are also female.
    • No male activities or sessions: We do not schedule any male activities, like lane swims or classes, at the same time as the women-only lessons.
    • No Photography/Filming: We strictly prohibit photography or filming during women-only classes to ensure everyone feels comfortable and secure.